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Kangen Water and Its Role in Detoxification and Body Cleansing

Kangen Water and its role in detoxification and body cleansing

Many people are concerned about the quality of their tap water. Some are turning to ionized water like Kangen Water.

Kangen Water (meaning “return to origin”) is said to take the body back to its original healthy and balanced state.

Drinking Kangen Water is reported to help reduce fatigue levels, hydrate the cells better, cleanse the colon and improve eye sight.


Using Kangen Water aids in the detoxification process of your body by flushing out the buildup of acidic toxins. Drinking Kangen water on a regular basis also helps maintain the pH balance of the body and slows down the aging process by controlling free radicals.

The hydroxyl ions in the molecular hydrogen in Kangen Water are a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This protects the body from damage caused by free radicals, which are the result of too much sugar and processed foods in our diets.

Kangen Water can also help cleanse the skin and clear up acne and other skin conditions. The high alkaline content of the water helps balance the body’s pH levels, and the water can also be used as a toner to remove excess oil from the skin. Many people have reported that drinking the water has helped them achieve healthy weight loss and that they are more energetic and have better sleep.

Other uses of the water include rinsing vegetables and fruit, pre-boiling fish or vegetables, and as an all purpose household cleaner. Kangen Water has a unique ability to dissolve and extract nutrients from food and other substances. Its deep penetrating action is especially beneficial for cleansing meat, vegetables and fish. The strong alkaline level of the water can even remove chemicals from fruits and vegetables. Soaking produce for 30 minutes to 1 hour in strongly alkaline ionized Kangen Water (pH 11) can significantly reduce pesticides and other contaminants.

The water can also be spritzed on flowers and plants to improve their health and vitality. The water has a strong effect on hydration, and can stimulate germination and enhance seedling development. In addition, it can be sprayed on lawns and gardens to improve their color and texture, and to prevent disease. Kangen Water can be a great way to bring more life into your home and garden, as well as bringing more joy into your life!


The Kangen Water Ionizer transforms ordinary tap water through electrolysis, into a powerful form of ionized alkaline water that is healthier to drink. This water is rich in alkaline minerals and carries a negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) which helps to eliminate free radicals from the body, balance the body's pH, and aid in the detoxification process.

The ORP of the ionized water helps to neutralize the acidity caused by processed foods and other toxic substances. It is this neutralization of the acids that allows your cells to function properly and the immune system to operate at full capacity. Drinking the ionized water also helps to balance and correct the imbalances of your body's natural ph which can be caused by an over-acid diet.


STRONG KAGEN IONIZED WATER (pH 11.5) can be used to clean fruit and vegetables to remove pesticides. Soak produce for 30-60 minutes in the ionized water. Then rinse off with regular tap water. This is the best way to rid your food of harmful chemicals and prevent health problems.

Strong ionized water also can be used to clean surfaces around the house and in the kitchen. It is great for cleaning pots, pans, and utensils. It dissolves oil, tar, and other sticky substances easily. It is also effective for removing stains from coffee, soy sauce, and oil-based paints. It is safe to use for washing dishes and for handwashing laundry.

STRONG ionized water (pH 11.5) can be used to kill candida and superbugs. It also inactivates pepsin which is the enzyme that triggers acid reflux. Drink a glass of the water before bedtime to help release melatonin for a good night sleep. Also STRONG ionized water can be used to replace coffee as it has a similar effect of the strong diuretic properties of coffee, but without the negative effects on your health and the environment. This is called Water Fasting with Kangen water.


In times of high-levels of contamination, we are all becoming more conscious about the quality and quantity of our water. Kangen Water ionizers use revolutionary Japanese technology to transform ordinary tap water into healthy alkaline and anti-oxidant rich drinking water. Drinking ionized alkaline water aids in the body’s hydration process, making it more easily absorbed by the cells. The water also tastes better and has a superior mouth feel than conventional water. It helps to balance the acidity of coffee and other beverages, and even aids in the loss of excess weight.

The ionized effect of the water also helps with the digestion process. Drinking ionized alkaline Kangen Water can help balance the acidity of foods that are hard on the stomach such as dairy products, meats and grains. It also helps to neutralize the acidity of fruits and vegetables such as citrus and tomatoes. When you drink ionized water, your stomach will be able to absorb nutrients and minerals much more easily than normal water because of the smaller molecule clusters.

Another benefit of ionized water is its ability to assist in the cleansing and detoxification processes of the body. By reducing the build-up of toxins and heavy metals in the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system, the body is able to function more effectively. The body will also be able to naturally fight off disease and infections.

STRONG ALKALINE KANGEN IONIZED WATER (pH – 11.5) dissolves pesticides and other chemicals in food, making it easier for the body to eliminate them. It also removes the strong odors of fish, chicken, meats and many vegetables. Soaking your vegetables in Kangen Water is a great way to preserve their colors and makes them taste more appetizing.

It is a good idea to start each day with a glass of ionized Kangen Water. Not only will it give you an energy boost, but it will set the tone for the day and make you more positive and productive. The best thing is that Kangen Water is easy to use and safe for your entire family, including children and pets.


Hydration is the key to life and Kangen Water gives your body the energy it needs to perform at its best. Drinking fresh ionized alkaline water boosts energy levels and aids the natural detoxification processes of the body. It also helps to reduce weight gain by promoting a healthy metabolism. It is a perfect choice for those who are on a diet. It hydrates the body more efficiently than other beverages and even increases the rate of metabolism by up to a third. Drinking a cup of ionized Kangen Water soothes hunger pangs and allows you to feel satisfied with fewer calories.

STRONG ALKALINE KANGEN IONIZED WATER (pH 9.5) is 6 times more hydrating than regular tap or filtered water. Its high Hydrogen content provides the highest source of true hydration allowing the body to eliminate toxic waste, balance pH and absorb nutrients.

It kills bacteria and microbes on food and cooking surfaces in just a few seconds. Washing food and vegetables with strong acidic (pH 2.5) or strongly alkaline Kangen water (pH 11.5) also preserves the colour of foods so they are more appetising to eat. Soaking meat, fish, chicken and fruit for 30 minutes in strong alkaline water will destroy any meat bacteria.

Kangen Water has been shown to support the immune system and bolster the body's own defence systems. By providing molecular hydrogen to the cells it is able to neutralize free radicals that cause inflammation, oxidation and disease. It is this process that enables the body to maintain homeostasis and achieve optimal health.

The internal high grade filter removes chlorine sediments and other impurities from your water. This produces Clean Kangen Water which tastes great. The electrolytic plates inside the ionizer are cleaned automatically by reversing the electric current. This is done without chemicals or additives, ensuring that you are only drinking the cleanest water possible. Kangen Water is made in Japan where Enagic is the leader in ionized water technology. Each unit is assembled from start to finish by one technician and undergoes rigorous quality control. Only the highest quality and most dependable units are sold worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Kangen machines work?

Do you see the potential of an innovative approach? It's not a question of "Do Kangen machines actually work?" The question is not "Do Kangen machines work?"

Kangen machines not only give you the amazing taste of filtered water but also provide you with extra antioxidants and better hydration. The electrolysis process is more than just great tasting drinks. It makes them healthier for everyday drinking.

You want to enjoy the powerful health benefits of Kangen drinking tap water? Kangen machines are able to transform any tap into healthy drinking water. They have adjustable pH and acidity levels and ionized chambers that produce higher negative ORP readings.

Every splash holds great potential. Kangen machines have the potential to make your life easier, whether you want to boost energy or start cleaning protocols.

Get the best health possible with a single sip.

How much Kangen Water do I need to drink per day?

Are you looking for a quick way to improve your daily hydration, and overall wellness? Kangen Water is only one glass per day! Kangen Water is a thirst-quencher that contains essential vitamins, minerals and hydration that helps nourish the body.

You can stay healthy by including naturally alkaline Kangen Water as part of your daily routine. Enjoy 8 ounces daily to boost free-radical fighting antioxidants that support optimum functionality. The water contains trace amounts of ionized minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. This makes it a simple choice for sustaining your best self from head-to-toe.

Kangen Water can be taken regularly to help maintain body balance and provide immunity against diseases. It's gentle on digestion and absorption, so you don't have to worry about bloating or stomach pains after drinking it. Over time its pH balancing benefits will make you feel more energized, focused, and revitalized -- offering renewed mental clarity and physical well-being. You should give it a go. This ultra-hydrating liquid is easy to add to your daily intake, and you won't even have to sweat it!

Is Kangen Water machine good for you?

To test the safety and efficacy in consuming alkaline-ionized water (which is what a Kangen Water Machine produces), studies were done. Positively, results showed potential improvements in antioxidant levels in people drinking alkaline water, offering defense against free radicals and removing toxins from contaminated sources.

However, other reports suggest that there may be no added benefit beyond traditional healthy lifestyle choices linked to utilizing the Kangen Water technology. A high pH water can cause elevated levels of metalions due to its acid-neutralizing properties and, therefore, egressing the metal through the intestines.

There may be evidence to support the use of Kangen Water machines for health benefits. However, you must weigh these factors and consider other factors before making a decision.

What does Kangen Water taste and smell like?

Pure Hydration is more than just drinking water. It's about tasting the freshness of strawberries, apples aroma, and cucumber crispiness all in one glass. That's Kangen Water.

Every refreshing taste will quench your thirst thanks to its balanced pH level and supercharged molecules, which stimulate natural energy within your body.

Kangen Water is more than a drinkable beverage. Kangen Water is a magical elixir that can help you restore your mind, body, spirit, regardless of where you live or with whom. Its subtle sweetness will leave your taste buds begging for more.

Kangen Water, a naturally occurring electrolyte that replenish cell hydration to antioxidants that protect cells from environmental factors that cause oxidation damages, has been described as a revolutionary health breakthrough.

So we invite you to try something new and tantalizingly different - let your taste buds ignite with the full-flavoured palate reset filled with delicious possibilities only provided by Kangen Water.

Can you drink Kangen Water every day?

Kangen Water can be taken daily for optimum health. Scientifically-backed research suggests that Kangen Water provides your body with essential minerals and electrolytes, improving hydration and helping you maintain a healthy balance. Kangen Water's special alkaline qualities have been shown to support healthy blood sugar levels, digestion, metabolism, and other important functions.

Kangen Water also has an antioxidant power. This water flushes out toxins, and adds essential nutrients to your body. The high pH of Kangen Water creates an alkaline environment, which protects our cells against potential harmful radicals that could cause disease or oxidative stress.

Kangen Water is also known to reduce inflammation. Kangen Water can improve your overall health and well being by stimulating anti-inflammatory processes in key regions like the joints. This can reduce pain from daily activities as well as inflammation that can lead to illness or fatigue.

Kangen Water should be consumed every day for health improvement, even if only for short periods.

Side effects of alkaline water

Evidence has emerged that alkaline water might have a higher pH level than regular water. Additionally, it may have more health benefits thanks to its high mineral contents. These claims are not without risk, but there are questions about possible side effects.

It is possible for high pH levels to cause a change in your body's natural chemistry. This can lead, among other things, to digestive problems and nutrient deficiencies. It is important to consult with a medical professional before drinking excessive amounts of alkaline water, as too much consumption of minerals could interfere with prescription medications you may be taking.

The goal is not to make you avoid drinking this type H2O. Instead, we want to give you the information and guidance that will allow your to enjoy it safely and still reap its benefits. It doesn't matter if you choose to buy bottled alkaline, or make your own alkaline solutions at home. But it is important to stay informed, especially if you are consuming larger amounts of the product daily.

Talk to healthcare professionals and do your research to learn about any possible risks to adding more alkalinity to you life. You can then decide what is right for you.


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Are there any possible drawbacks to Kangen Water usage?

It can be difficult to question the status-quo. So, when it comes to understanding the potential drawbacks of using Kangen Water, it is important to do your research and consider multiple perspectives.

First, drinking Kangen Water may contribute to an unbalanced diet due to its higher cost, and some believe regular tap water is safe. Kangen Water, which is alkaline-ionized water, can cause problems with certain medications, depending on the level of its alkalinity. It has been reported that the electrolysis process can produce small amounts ozone and chlorine which could cause respiratory problems in high concentrations.

Kangen Water has been touted as having many health benefits, including the ability to treat hypertension or diabetes. However, this is not supported by solid scientific evidence. Evaluating these potential positive outcomes against the possible negative effects should be carefully weighed before beginning a potentially expensive regimen.

Kangen Water is believed to have some health benefits, if used correctly. However, you should consider the potential drawbacks before deciding whether this water is right for your needs.


Kangen Water and Its Role in Detoxification and Body Cleansing


Kangen Water and Its Role in Detoxification and Body Cleansing


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