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Potential Benefits of Kangen Water for Athletes and Physical Performance

Athletes are susceptible to chronic inflammation and injury due to high levels of metabolic acid. Adding alkaline water to the body could help with this issue.

Kangen Water is ionized water that has a higher pH than most tap and bottled water (pH 7.5 - 8.5). This water contains micro clustering and helps transport electrolytes into the cells 6 times more efficiently than sports drinks do.

1. Superior Hydration

Many athletes have experienced incredible improvements in performance since incorporating Kangen Water into their routine. Marathon runners have lowered their times, hockey players are skating with more flexibility, and gymnasts are achieving better muscle definition. All these results are attributable to the superior hydration that comes with drinking ionized water.

Insufficient hydration is one of the most common causes of fatigue during exercise. Athletes are constantly losing water through sweat, which is why it is crucial to consume enough fluids. Drinking ionized water allows the body to absorb it more effectively, which helps maintain proper hydration and balances the acid-alkaline ratio in the blood.

Ionized water is able to reach the stomach faster than regular water, which means more of it gets absorbed by the cells and used for hydration and detoxification. It also prevents the build up of lactic and uric acids that cause pain and stiffness in muscles.

In addition, the high pH level of Kangen Water is 1 million times less acidic than Gatorade. This enables the body to get rid of acidic residue more quickly, which increases stamina and endurance. In fact, there are many studies demonstrating that increasing the alkalinity of the body improves athletic performance.

As part of an overall healthy diet, athletes should consume a wide variety of foods to ensure adequate nutrients and balanced hydration. This includes consuming foods that are rich in alkaline minerals, such as nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. Athletes who do not consume these types of foods may experience a greater imbalance in the acid-alkaline ratio and reduced physical performance as a result.

Kangen Water is ionized through electrolysis, which creates a more energizing form of water that is ideal for athletes. This type of water is more than just hydrating; it is full of antioxidants and other beneficial properties that help to promote optimal health and performance. To learn more about the potential benefits of drinking ionized water, contact us to schedule a visit from an Enagic distributor.

2. Less Acidic Residue

When muscle cells contract, they produce metabolic acids that must be cleared from the body. When these acidic wastes accumulate, it can cause muscle fatigue and weakening. By consuming Kangen Water, the body can more easily eliminate these acidic residues, resulting in stronger, more resilient muscles.

The human body is comprised of over 70% water, so it’s no exaggeration to say that our health and well-being depend on the quality of the water we drink. While tap and bottled water may be convenient, they can be harmful to the body because they can contain contaminants such as heavy metals and other dangerous microorganisms. By contrast, Enagic’s water ionizers produce clean and healthy alkaline and molecular hydrogen water (pH 8.5-9.5) that can be used for drinking, beauty, cleaning, cooking, and even as a disinfectant for wounds.

Athletes who are not adequately hydrated can experience muscle cramping, general tiredness and poor performance. This is because their bodies cannot efficiently absorb the nutrients they need to perform at a high level, and because they are consuming too many acid-forming foods.

By consuming ionized Kangen Water before, during and after exercise, athletes can reduce acidic build-up in the body, boost their metabolisms, and improve their overall performance.

Drinking a little over half an ounce of Kangen Water daily can bring the body back to its original and balanced alkaline state. This can help to prevent the aging process, and it can also improve several health issues such as obesity, joint problems, arthritis, and heart disease.

The strong alkaline ionized water produced by Enagic’s machines can also be used to prepare food and drinks with more flavor. For example, by soaking ingredients in strongly alkaline Kangen water, their odors can be eliminated and the bitter taste of some vegetables can be reduced. Similarly, coffee and tea prepared with Kangen Water are able to retain their color and aroma, and there is less need for adding salt or other condiments.

3. Better Muscle Function

Athletes need a high-level of performance in their chosen sport and drinking water that is not hydrating can lead to muscle fatigue and the loss of strength. The ionization of the water in a Kangen Water ionizer enables it to travel more easily into muscles and other cells, giving athletes the necessary boost to perform at their best.

Athlete and trainer Wade Cooper has witnessed amazing improvements in the performance of his clients since they began using Kangen Water. He says that he has watched marathon runners run faster times, hockey players leave the ice without aches and pains, and gymnasts become more flexible.

He claims that the water’s higher alkalinity also reduces acidic residue in muscle tissue, which decreases lactic and uric acid build up. The reduced acids allow the body to maintain a more neutral pH range that is necessary for the muscles to contract. This keeps the body within its very narrow pH range where it can perform the best and reduces the risk of injuries.

In addition, the ionized water in a Kangen Water ionizer also contains electrolytes that are transported into the cells six times more efficiently than sports drinks, such as Gatorade. The ionized water is micro-clustered, which makes it more absorbable and better at transporting the electrolytes needed for muscle function.

The higher pH levels of the water are not harmful to the stomach, unlike regular tap water or bottled alkaline water that is artificially raised in a machine through a process called electrolysis. The natural alkaline pH of spring water is also not harmful to the stomach, because it allows the body to produce enough hydrochloric acid, as required.

Many alkaline waters have been touted as a healthy alternative to the standard drinking water, but some companies make dubious health claims. In some cases, the FDA has even rejected certain health claims made by alkaline water companies. When considering buying a Kangen water machine, buyers should check out the quality of other similar ionizers such as the Life Ionizer MXL7, which costs half as much as a Kangen and has a higher pH and antioxidant ORP than the more expensive model.

4. Faster Recovery

Once in a while, a technology comes along that has a dramatic effect on health and physical performance. One such technology is restructured, antioxidant, alkaline ionized water. According to champion bodybuilder Wade Lightheart, this type of water can significantly accelerate recovery from exercise and reduce the acidic residue left behind after a workout.

In addition, it can increase energy and stamina, as well as prevent injury and illness. This is because restructured water is said to help neutralize and dissolve metabolic acids (such as lactic acid) and increase alkaline pH levels.

The Kangen machine’s “drinking” setting creates drinking water that is ionized with hydrogen, which is extremely potent and full of antioxidants. This ionized water is suitable for drinking, cooking, cleaning and beauty use. It is the same type of water used in Japanese hospitals for over 50 years, due to its powerful healing and detoxification properties.

Many people have claimed that ionized water has given them more energy, less joint stiffness and an overall feeling of healthiness. However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. Most of the claims made by these users are simply the result of a placebo effect. There are many other ways to improve your health and boost your performance, such as eating a balanced diet and getting adequate sleep.

Another problem with the Kangen water craze is that the machines are very expensive and there’s no proof they actually work. In fact, the FDA has rejected certain health claims from companies that sell these ionized water machines. The truth is that if you want to make your water more alkaline, there are much cheaper options than buying a Kangen machine.

The best option for alkaline ionized water is a 3-stage water ionizer. This will give you the same results as a Kangen water ionizer for a fraction of the price. We’re an authorized Kangen Water dealer and provide high-quality 3-stage water ionizers manufactured by Enagic. These products are assembled, tested, inspected and packaged in Japan by the same technician, guaranteeing the highest quality product regardless of where you purchase it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kangen Water machine good for you?

Studies have been conducted to test both the efficacy and safety of consuming alkaline ionized water, which is what a Kangen Water machine produces. Positive results indicated that there was potential for an increase in antioxidant levels in those who consume alkaline ionized water. This offers protection against free radicals and removes toxins from contaminated areas.

According to other reports, there may not be any added benefits to Kangen Water technology. High pH water may also lead to elevated levels metal ions because of its acid-neutralizing effect and, consequently, egressing metal through your intestines after consumption.

While there is some evidence that Kangen Water machines may have health benefits, it should be considered objectively and taken into account other factors before you make a decision about whether or not they are right for your needs.

Does alkaline water help you sleep?

It can be difficult to fall asleep. The constant distractions and worries of the day can make it hard to close our eyes. Fortunately, there may be a natural way to support a calm night's sleep - alkaline water.

Alkaline water is highly valued for its health benefits. Many people enjoy more restful nights because of this. This type of water carries additional minerals that alter the pH balance and make it slightly more alkaline. This mineral-enriched liquid can help to reduce acidity in the body, encourage absorption of other nutrients, and increase overall hydration.

Alkalinity is known to reduce inflammation and boost oxidation levels. This leads to improved overall well-being. Plus, when your body's resting comfortably, you're shifting into sleep mode quicker than if you were otherwise uncomfortable or inflamed.

It is well-known that regular hydration can positively impact mental alertness during the day, so why not extend these benefits to the evening hours? If consumed regularly, alkaline water can be a great way to achieve optimum balance. It may also offer calming side effects that will make you dream sweeter until the morning arrives.

Do Kangen machines work?

Pondering the potential of an innovative solution? It's not a question of "Do Kangen machines actually work?" These state-of the-art technologies can revolutionize water consumption and help you live a healthier life.

Kangen machines can not only provide great taste* with the special filtered water but also offer better hydration and antioxidants. Electrolysis is a unique process that makes great tasting beverages, but also makes them healthier for daily use.

Are you looking to reap the many benefits of Kangen drinking waters? Kangen machines transform ordinary tap water into antioxidant goodness.

Every splash holds incredible potential. Kangen machines are a great way to increase energy levels and start cleansing protocols.

Take a sip that stands out from the rest to unlock your next level of health.

What are the health benefits of drinking Kangen Water?

While everyday tap and bottled water may contain contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, lead, and other chemicals, Kangen Water offers benefits beyond simply quenching your thirst. Kangen Water has been scientifically proven to be hydrating and can offer many health benefits.

Kangen Water, alkaline-ionized water, is filtered through the revolutionary Enagic(r] Multi-Platinum system. It has seven stages of filtration. Advanced filters remove harmful substances while keeping essential minerals. This process produces safe, clean water suitable for drinking that has many antioxidant benefits.

Antioxidants are molecules which protect cells from oxidative stress. While antioxidants are naturally found in high levels in healthy dietary sources such as fruits and vegetables, drinkers of Kangen Water also benefit from these properties when they consume it daily.

Kangen Water's alkalinity helps reduce stomach inflammation and promotes healthy digestion. Furthermore, several studies suggest it may help reduce risk factors associated with certain chronic diseases -- including diabetes and heart disease -- and aid in weight loss goals by providing an adequate consumption of nutrients during regular consumption.

Kangen Water has antiseptic qualities. It is capable of killing most bacteria that causes disease when applied directly to the skin. This makes Kangen Water a good choice for wound care.

Can you drink Kangen Water every day?

Kangen Water daily can provide you with optimum health benefits. Scientifically-backed research suggests that Kangen Water provides your body with essential minerals and electrolytes, improving hydration and helping you maintain a healthy balance. Plus, the special alkaline properties of this water have been linked to supporting healthy blood sugar levels, digestion, and metabolism.

Kangen Water can also be used to flush out toxins and provide essential nutrients. A high pH environment creates a strong alkaline environment which protects your cells against potentially harmful radicals.

Kangen Water may be able to help lower chronic inflammation. Kangen Water may improve your overall health by increasing anti-inflammatory responses in key areas, such as the joints. They can also reduce pain from everyday activities.

For those reasons alone, drinking Kangen Water every day is a highly recommended step to improve health - even if for only short periods - for overall wellness support!

Is there any side effect to alkaline waters?

Alkaline water may have a higher pH than regular water, and may offer more health benefits because of its high mineral content. Alkaline drinking waters can have side effects, however.

High pH levels can cause your body to have problems with its natural chemistry. This could lead to stomach problems, nutrient imbalances, and calcium deficiency. It is important to consult with a medical professional before drinking excessive amounts of alkaline water, as too much consumption of minerals could interfere with prescription medications you may be taking.

The idea here isn't to scare away from drinking this type of H2O but instead to equip you with the necessary guidance to enjoy it safely while still reaping its rewards. Whether opting for bottled alkaline or creating freshly made alkaline solutions at home, staying informed is key - especially if consumed daily in larger serving sizes.

Talk to your healthcare professionals about the potential risks of adding alkalinity to your life. This will allow you to make an informed decision on what is best for you.

What do doctors say about Kangen Water?

Kangen Water's high alkalinity levels and antioxidant properties make it a popular health drink. Medical professionals agree. The results of studies show that Kangen Water users experience increased energy, mental clarity and overall well being.

Kangen Water is hydrating and has active hydrogen which helps to cleanse the body from unwanted toxins. Its high oxygenation levels provide powerful anti-aging results, which can repair damaged cells and provide greater energy.

Kangen Water's incredible hydration benefits are not limited to its ability to hydrate. Kangen Water also has the potential for improving digestion and immune system function, which can lead in turn to improved overall health. Kangen Water, also known as "alkaline-ionized water", neutralizes acidity in the body. This creates a healthy pH balance that is essential for optimal well being.

Doctors all over the world continue to agree on one thing: Kangen Water provides safe ways to increase your intake of antioxidants and to provide your body with essential minerals needed for detoxification. Kangen Water can be used to replace sugary drinks such as sodas and processed fruit juices. It promotes weight loss by decreasing fat storage and increasing muscle growth for desired physical results.

This natural healing source provides replenishing nutrients for our bodies, naturally improving our health.


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Is there any downside to Kangen Water?

Questioning the status quo can be difficult. Kangen Water's potential drawbacks can be difficult to understand.

Kangen Water can cause unbalanced eating due to the higher price. However, some people believe that regular tap water is safer. Kangen Water can also interfere with medications due to its alkalinity. Lastly, there have been reports that its electrolysis process can produce ozone gas and chlorine in small quantities, which could cause some respiratory problems in high concentrations.

Kangen Water is being touted for its health benefits in treating hypertension and diabetes. However, these claims have not been supported by scientific evidence. Before beginning any potentially costly regimen, you should carefully weigh the potential positive effects against the possible negative ones.

Kangen Water can be beneficial for overall health if it is sipped correctly.


Potential Benefits of Kangen Water for Athletes and Physical Performance


Potential Benefits of Kangen Water for Athletes and Physical Performance


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Potential Benefits of Kangen Water for Athletes and Physical Performance


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Potential Benefits of Kangen Water for Athletes and Physical Performance


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Potential Benefits of Kangen Water for Athletes and Physical Performance


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